Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wai-O-Tapu thermal pools in New Zealand

Screenshot/Wallpaper FNV

[2560x1440] Epic Face!

Swiss Mountain Peak. [1920x1080]

Robots on the coast, Iceland. [1920x1080]

Meet the Robot Team, Team Fortress [1920x1080]

My phone's wallpaper updates according to the current weather.

I recently started using SFM And I made this wallpaper, any thoughts?

So I was going to make a wallpaper...but. That fucking skip god damnit.

Made a Hotline Miami wallpaper. Critiques welcome. [1920x1080]

Japanese Team Fortress 2 wallapaper [1920x1080]

[Help] Can't find this wallpaper

Bike ride aroud Walla Walla, WA took me right into the Windows XP wallpaper today

[No Spoilers] Dragon & Wolf wallpaper (1440p)

Can someone make this into a desktop wallpaper?

ETC wallpaper

Here's a Wallpaper I just made. Phone size available in the comments.

Shit sucks [2560x1440]

[dank OC] [1080 HD] [wallpaper] This one's for the Hitler mod. See if you can spot the orgasmic chemistry joke. An amazing picture from under the micr...

Bunny wallpaper [3440x1440]

My desktop wallpaper

Designed my first polyscape type wallpaper this morning. [2560x1707]

Much improved my previous wallpaper, amidst college work. C&C appreciated.

CS:GO CT Wallpaper for friend. Oil Smokey Style

A wallpaper I did by editing a bit one of my screenshots. The lightning during sunsets in this game is remarkable

A nice little American Dad wallpaper.

[NO SPOILERS] A Stannis wallpaper I made!

Storm Spirit Wallpaper Made for Yawar

Sphere wallpaper [3440x1440]

Eve Online wallpaper [2560x1080]

[GAME] My new wallpaper from Telltale's Game of Thrones.

Some great wallpaper material in this game

Dolomites by Max Rive

Windows XP default wallpaper: California drought revision

[Fan art/wallpaper] Funhaus Miami

[1920x1080] Rorschach Skull

Hotline Miami Wallpaper 1080p

Mount Sheeperest - Low Poly Scene using Blender [1920x1080]

I made a wallpaper since my friend says I use characters with cheap forward aerials

[Art] I made a wallpaper since my friend says I use characters with cheap forward aerials

Knife Party - Simple Bloody Wallpaper

Mad Max: Fury Road Wallpaper (edited for iPhone 5)

[WIP] Monstercat - 014 low-poly wallpaper

The view from our hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden

Witcher 3 Nithral Wallpaper [1920x1080 - Imgur]

Funhaus Retro Wallpaper! By SDreadnoug

I wanted a background for my laptop with the 4 major AZ Sports teams, so I combined some wallpapers into one and wanted to share it

So I accidentally made a Chespin wallpaper. Maybe someone here will enjoy it.

Raining light in interlaken [1920x1200]

Here's my current desktop wallpaper.

Couldn't find a Magneto wallpaper I liked so I made my own. Hope you guys like it [1600x1200]

I guess I'll jump on the wallpaper bandwagon. Here's my desktop compy's.

Searching for lost gold [3840x2160]

Storm cell [3840x2160]

Made a quick wallpaper

Amazing view from a villa in Spain [1800x1200]

I like dark minimal wallpapers. I also like anything to do with Zelda. Made this a while back, decided to share it with /r/zelda!

A little wallpaper for you.

Hungary [not edited photo]

4K Steam Holiday Sale Wallpaper!

Splatoon phone wallpaper I made, enjoy! :)

[WIP] Can't find the right wallpaper for this setup. Help?

Here's a stupidly high-resolution wallpaper for Milo Goes to College, for posterity

I wish my family and i stay that kind of place


My personality captured in a wallpaper

Just Made A New Finn Bálor Wallpaper

Friday, May 22, 2015

Behind The Wave

So much detail! Quality Episode I-VI wallpaper (from

Hot babe undressing wallpaper [3440x1440]

Retina burning stunning tits, in 21:9 format wallpaper [3440x1440],

Dandelion [2560x1440]

Desert Sunrise

Oh Gunter...

Sand [1920x1080]

[1440p] Wallpaper I have been working on, I'm open to suggestions

Was trying to sketch the DRG armor, ended up with a nifty-looking wallpaper

[Fan Art] Ghibli x Disney Wallpaper I made a while ago

One of the first five pictures I took when I first got it (doubles as Wallpaper)

Rust Life

Charles Bridge, Prague

Voltage (4096x2304)

Joy - LiS Max Wallpaper (1980x1080)

Jet fuel can't melt dank memes

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Game Wallpaper [1920×1080]

Saber Wallpaper [1920x1080]

Made myself a ''Hamada Bamyu Bamyu'' wallpaper.

Snowflake [1920x1080]

ITAP of a colour isolated 2CV

[TV] A cool Tyrion smartphone wallpaper I made.

The Dire, wallpaper (Amazing what you can do with oil filters)!

Reus [1920x1080]

Everyone is Different [1920 x 1200]

I made a wallpaper of Space Shuttle approaching the ISS, thought I'd share it!

Green and Black [1360x768]

Witcher 3 has a lot of wallpaper-worthy scenery

A viking wielding an AK47 riding a unicorn [1920x1080]

Wallpaper, inspired by and

Avengers Wallpaper [OC]

C9 Vaporwave Wallpaper!

Friends tattoo turned into a wallpaper.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts - LiS Wallpaper (1980x1080)

Was heading to Oahu in our company plane to put a new helicopter together when I snapped this shot of West Maui, USA.

Soulero Wallpaper :]

Weston-super-Mare, England [1920x1080]

Digital Frog [2560x1440]

Mount Pilatus [2560x1440]

Ring of Honor Wallpaper (IPhone 5S)

A very simple TARDIS wallpaper I made - inspired by Forest of the Dead!

Here's my first PCMR wallpaper made in 4K!

Perfact place to make your summer vacation perfect

One of my favorite wallpapers

Anyone recognise this? [OC, well, not the graffiti]

Wallpaper inspired by the exterior of Porsche dealerships [3840x2160]

Rosie's wallpaper flashed for a split second on today's stream and there was a halfling sighting

Last Patrol + Milking the Stars [1920x1080]

Paladin wallpaper (1920x1080) (OC)

Invisible Velociraptors

I made this 1920x1200 wallpaper from Andy Fairhurst's digital posters. Thought you all would enjoy.

Inspired by Peter_D - minimalistic Dota 2 Wallpaper

Bugs Bunny [16:9]

My 2nd attempt at a wallpaper for everyone (Material Design Chargers Wallpaper [3840 x 2169])

Abstract Forest [1920x1080]

Starry Forest [1920x1080]

California country near Paso Robles.

Xavi on Scholes

NASA Launch (x-post r/space)

Cyanide and Happiness [1920x1080]

Any chance of having loading screens available as wallpapers without text? I think they are amazing pieces of art on their own. Do I ask someone at CD...

Star Wars, samurai style. (repost from wallpapers)

My new wallpaper :)

SpaceX's Dragon module during an orbital sunset [1920x1080]

Has anyone really been?

V Magazine wallpaper

wallpaper dump

Made this shitty wallpaper on my phone. Not sorry about shitty resolution(734x81)[OC]

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ramea Newfoundland, 3072x1728, [3840x2160]

Ramea Newfoundland, 3072x1728, [3840x2160]

Pop-Tarts featured on Rick and Morty [1920 x 1080]

Monaco [2560x1440]

Grand Canyon [1920x1080]

Fall foliage [2560x1440]

Brooklyn bridge at night.

(Maybe spoiler) Strange date on free wallpaper. Maybe don't click as it reveals a date in format. For those who want to speculate?

Meg turney using one of the wallpapers in her latest photoshoot (/r/Offensive_Wallpapers)

Snapped this pic last summer. Made it my phone wallpaper, now I can't wait for summer tokin'!

Futuristic city [1920x1200]

I made a Wallpaper from StarCade, it's extra swood! [RoombaSimulator]

Made a 3840x1080 wallpaper of In Rainbows!


Mt Bromo [1920x1080]

New Spurs Kit Wallpaper! Cleaned up and proper Emblem

I couldn't find a mobile wallpaper, so I decided to make my own. (For iPhone 4)

Better Late Than Never! I Discovered Rainmeter last night and finally got to put my favorite cat wallpaper to good use.

Royal Cypher [1920x1200]

Lake [1920x1080]

Prague at dusk

Flag of Earth

Bronte Beach, 1906 [2266 x 1201]

My abstract creation in weavesilk

Dali, Yunnan province, China [3840x2160]

Sunset wallpaper [3440x1440]

Geometric wallpaper [2560x1080]

Seal wallpaper [3440x1440]

I made a wallpaper.

Greek island of Zakynthos

Far Cry 4 Season Pass [1920×1080]

Scarlett Johansson

Is this a fan-made or official MGM released Daedalus Wallpaper?

[Wallpaper] Louis van Gaal at the awards

A new wallpaper I made; Share a NukaCola. [1920x1080]

[1024x768] Words of wisdom from Captain Auld

Got very nice wallpaper when took screenshot, while flying away from Kaiator.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Travelled to Poland recently.. this is one of my favourite shots. Any thoughts?

Who are you to wave your finger? [4800x3198]

Pop-tarts playing basketball - Wallpaper edition

Longboarding duo on a sunny sidewalk [1920x1080]

Cool 3D design.

Hotel Resort.

Apple flowers.

Flowers and the mountains.

Sly Cooper

Margot Robbie wallpaper [1920x1152]

Kayaking with Orcas Wallpaper [3840 x 2160]

Wallpaper from the Simpson's Rick and Morty Couch Gag.

S.O. to weeaboos

Decided to give a shot on a Trinity Seven Wallpaper (Trinity Seven) [1920x1090]

Thats called true nature ---feeling of freshness 1920*1200

I photoshopped out the Star Wars: Battlefront logo to make a nice clean wallpaper (hope they understand).

Does anyone have any wallpapers like this one?

Eli Manning Wallpaper [OC]

Brain vs Heart [1920 x 1080]

My KBD Wallpaper

My wallpaper at the moment!

Mad Max Wallpaper

In a Christmas town

Scottish ruin

Sky Reflections [2560x1440]

LIFEBOX [1366*768]

Arin, Jon, and Danny wallpaper (1920x1080)

Courtesy of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver [2001 x 1125]

My new wallpaper

Current phone wallpaper. material design

Gorgeous RedHead

Wallpaper I got from the Trailer! [1600 x 900]

The South Pole Telescope

Monday, May 18, 2015

Earthporn reject, Skyporn hopeful 2880x2880 Coronado, CA [3840x2160]

Wallpaper I whipped up

Free Monstercat wallpaper I made.

Glass window rain [OC][1920x1080]

Great Avril wallpaper

Amtrak [1556 x 1007]

I got bored. So I started working on a GTA5-PCMR wallpaper. Work in progress but not bad.

The Seventh Son


Babycakes (1920x1080)

Could someone remove the background and and author text for me? I would like this to be a wallpaper for my phone, the best resolution achievable is ap...

The force is stong with this wallpaper

Here is a Monster Musume PV wallpaper I've made (1704 x 1002)

Paris in the Summertime [1920 x 1080]

Black Rhino [1920x1080]

Spaceships! BrickSpace wallpapers at

Sea wallpaper [3440x1440]

Girl wallpaper [3440x1440]

Minimalistic Death Star from CGP Grey video (Link in comments)

The flame-throwing guitar guy from Mad Max, 1080p screengrab from the youtube trailer [1920x1080]

Volvo S60 Polestar [1920x1080]

Northern Lights.

I took a macro of a hockey puck over the weekend and thought it made for a nice hockey wallpaper. Enjoy!

Slice of Japanese heaven in WI (/r/WQHD_Wallpaper)

Beach Sunrise.

Sun Setting Over Pilot Mountain NC,

Abstract Wallpaper

Starry Forest

Made a wallpaper for one of my favorite retro wave albums with cover art, Lazerhawk ~ Redline [1920x1080]

A wallpaper I made using an IRL photo

[arts] A reddit themed wallpaper I made.

Belgium, Ardennes [2560x1600]

Monstercat refined 4.0 wallpaper (4k)

Pokeball wallpaper i made (and have adjusted since i posted original yesterday) 1920x1080